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Mango & coconut breakfast parfait

Over the years I have learned to be patient. Being a grown up now (!) I appreciate that patience is a virtue, however exercising this virtue doesn’t mean that you wait endlessly for things to happen, or for people to change. Sometimes no matter how much you hope and help and prod and wait for things to be different to how they used to be a day or a month ago - they remain the same. I have learned that there are different kinds of patience. The thing where people take advantage and you are left in that deteriorating scenario that chips away at your spirit or the other kind. The kind that says it’s ok to wait for the right moments and the right opportunities because you are making small changes or taking small steps towards your goal. 

So while I wait ‘patiently’ to actualise the bigger dreams I’m working on lots of other great things that will not only help me develop and grow but also nourish me. And so, speaking of nourishment I bring you this yummy mango breakfast treat you can be faux patient with. Which means you’re being patient without realising you are. Seeing as this is a breakfast dish you’re unlikely to want to dig in straightaway. 

There’s something quite soothing in preparing a breakfast like this ahead of time. You mostly mix a few things together into a container and refrigerate. The only thing you can deliberate over is whether or not you ought to add extra toppings. These mango breakfast parfaits are so healthy, wholesome and I guess raw and gluten free too if you consider the fact there’s no cooking (toasting a few flecks of coconut doesn’t really amount to cooking in my book). 

These mango breakfast parfait reminds me of one of my favourite Bengali desserts – sticky rice with mango, molasses roasted coconut and cream. As I’m a healthier Dina now I am not going to have that for breakfast! So here you have a slightly different yet still delicious combination of goodness to kick start your morning so that you are a shining bundle of energy ready to take on the world.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

60g rolled oats

100ml milk

200ml Greek yoghurt

1tbs maple syrup or honey

1/8 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 mango

2 tbs desssicated coconut toasted


Mix the oats with milk, yoghurt, vanilla extract, maple syrup and cinnamon. Pour into a container and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning layer with fresh mango pieces and top with toasted coconut.

To toast the coconut, heat up a griddle pan or frying pan and dry roast the coconut for 20-30 seconds until golden brown, stirring regularly to avoid burning.

Add extra maple syrup if desired and serve.

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